About Us

The “Laboratory for Advanced Power Conversion and Systems Analysis” (LAPCSA), is a research center at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at University of Toronto directed by Professor Peter Lehn.

The group is dedicated to conducting advanced research in the field of Electrical Energy Systems with focus on power electronics and power systems. Of particular interest is development of new power converter topologies, analytical and simulation models, control schemes, and experimental systems that form core technologies and tools to support a transition towards more sustainable electrical power systems with expanded integration of renewable energy sources. LAPCSA’s scope of expertise extends to power systems related studies that support this objective, including  harmonic analysis, voltage stability, HVDC systems, renewable energy and energy storage integration, and microgrids.

LAPCSA’s research into power electronics and power systems focuses on applications at power levels ranging from one kilowatt to the gigawatts. One recent focus of the group has been the investigation of alternative Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) topologies for high power applications. Topics such as novel MMC topologies, MMC control strategies, and energy storage integration within MMCs are currently under studies. In addition, investigation of methods for quantification and analysis of converter and power system harmonics has also been a recent research focus.