Convex Optimization of Power Systems
Cambridge University Press (2015)

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Description from publisher site
Optimization is ubiquitous in power system engineering. Drawing on powerful, modern tools from convex optimization, this rigorous exposition introduces essential techniques for formulating linear, second-order cone, and semidefinite programming approximations to the canonical optimal power flow problem, which lies at the heart of many different power system optimizations. Convex models in each optimization class are then developed in parallel for a variety of practical applications like unit commitment, generation and transmission planning, and nodal pricing. Presenting classical approximations and modern convex relaxations side-by-side, and a selection of problems and worked examples, this is an invaluable resource for students and researchers from industry and academia in power systems, optimization, and control.

Lecture notes

Below are (partial) lecture notes from a graduate class based on Convex Optimization of Power Systems that I teach at the University of Toronto. Each lecture is designed to span 2-4 hours depending on pacing and depth of coverage.