Current Projects:

The active projects can broadly be categorized into integrated and non-integrated SMPS, depending on the targeted power level. In the first category, the power losses are sufficiently low to allow integration of the multiple power transistors, sensors and control circuits into a single mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC). Projects in the second category involve applications in the tens of watts to 5 kW, where integration is not currently feasible and the focus will be on system-level design, control and efficiency optimization. Most projects involve industry collaboration.

  • High-frequency, digitally controlled dc-dc converter ICs (efficiency optimization, system-level control schemes, etc.)
  • SMPS for driving and optimizing the efficiency of High-Brightness LED (HBLED) modules
  • Battery management for electric vehicles (SOH, SOC estimations, cell balancing, etc.)
  • Power electronics for photovoltaic applications (maximum power point tracking)
  • Control of ultracapacitors in electric vehicles