OCE Discovery

I am at the OCE Discovery conference in Toronto. On my way in I saw a video highlighting one of our collaborations with Solantro Semiconductor:

Congrats to Shahab, David and Miad(s)

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Welcome to the New Group Members

Welcome to incoming group members Nameer Khan, Carl Lamoureux and Sam Murray. Read More...

Silicon Valley Alumni Event

I am giving a talk at a UofT Engineering Alumni event in Silicon Valley. Will be great to catch up some of my past students!

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APEC 2017

We are at APEC in Tampa Florida presentating 4 papers with Shuze, Steven, Miad and Zhe.

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Back From Sabbatical

It's been a great sabbatical year. I worked at Texas Instruments Kilby Research Labs in Santa Clara USA, NXP Semiconductor in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and I visited a number of universities and institutions in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Europe. Read More...

EPE 2016 in Germany

I am in Germany with Steven and David who are presenting their work on hybrid energy storage for EVs and SiC solid-state breakers
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Masafumi Otsuka is at COMPEL 2016 in Norway presenting his work on high-voltage power IC.

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ISPSD 2016

I am in Prague for ISPSD 2016 to present Shahab and Miad's work on a new synchronization scheme for isolated dc-dc converters.

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Visit to Griffith University

I'm visiting Prof. Junwei Lu at Griffith University in Australia. Here I am inside a 1 MWh lithium battery!


Premier's Delegation to China

I joined the Ontario Premier's Business and Technology delegation to China to showcase some of our research. The delegation went to Nanjing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing. This photo is taken at the historic peninsula hotel in Shanghai.
unknown

Victor in the Valley

I'm in San Jose to check out the 2015 Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC). I am chairing the power management educational session, featuring a talk on wireless power by Francesco Carobolante from Qualcomm. I also met up with my first PhD graduate, Victor Wen, as well as Ahmad, who are are both working for a fruit company in Cupertino.
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ECCE in Montreal

I'm in Montréal to check out ECCE 2015 and Chair a session on capacitive converters. Great conference!


Welcome to Miad

Miad Nasr has joined the group!

EVs in 1910

"Electricity is the thing. There are no whirring and grinding gears with their numerous levers to confuse, no dangerous and evil-smelling gasoline and no noise."
- Thomas Edison

1910 Advertisement for EVs:

Thomas Edison with his first EV "The Edison Baker"- 1895


Camille Jenatzy, 1899; the first person to exceed 100 km/h in a car (an electric car)


IHTC 2015: David wins award

Shahab and David are in Ottawa checking out the 2015 International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC).

David is presenting his work on an intelligent distribution panel for renewable-based nano-grids. Congratulations on getting the best presentation award!

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Victor and I are in Hong Kong for the 2015 International Symposium on Power ICs to present his work on a new gate-driver
co-packaged with a Gallium Nitride HEMT for high-frequency power conversion
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APEC 2015


Masafumi, Victor, Shuze, Shahab and I are in Charlotte for the 30th anniversary of APEC! Shahab is presenting a paper on PLL-based synchronization for the DAB dc-dc converter, Shuze is presenting a paper on server power management, and I'm giving a talk on hybrid-energy-storage-systems for electric vehicles. Congrats to Shahab for winning an award for best presentation in his session!

Visit to the RPI Lighting Research Center

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I am in Troy NY to give an invited talk at the RPI Lighting Research Center on Power Management for LEDs. I was amazed by the broad range of research activities in lighting at the LRC.

IECON 2014

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I'm back in Dallas for the 2014 Industrial Electronics Conference to present Andishe's paper on Lithium Ion Polymer battery impedance modeling, which was a collaboration with Brammo. Her paper won a presentation award at IECON.

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PwrSOC 2014

Victor, Masafumi and I are in Boston for the 2014 Power Supply on Chip workshop. Victor is presenting his work on an integrated power converter for Concentrating PV applications.

ForumLED 2014

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I'm in Paris to give an invited talk on Smart LED drivers at ForumLED. The presentation is based on Shuze Zhao's MASc thesis on the burst-mode LLC converter with visible light communication.


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I'm in San Jose to catch the CICC 2014 conference where I'm chairing the Power Management session. Read More...

Leo in TheStar

Peter Gorrie published an article in the Toronto Star about Leo's work on the Electric Car and U-Cap integration. Check it out.


Sushi Group Lunch

Back from ISPSD, the team is re-united ! (except for Victor and Ahmad)

otgrp_lunch_june28_2014

ISPSD 2014

Ryan, Shawkat and I are in Hawaii for the International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & ICs. Shawkat presented our integrated circuit for improving power harvesting in concentrating PV systems, developed in collaboration with NXP Semiconductor.

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Shahab wins Best Paper Award in Hiroshima!

Congratulations to Shahab for being awarded the 1st prize best paper award at IEEE-IPEC ECCE-Europe in Hiroshima!

IPEC - ECCE Asia: Shahab wins award

Shahab, Ahmad and I are in Hiroshima for IPEC - ECCE-Asia 2014 to present our latest collaborations with Solantro Semiconductor and Solarship Inc. Congratulations to Shahab for winning the best paper award!!!

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APEC 2014

Shahab and I are in beautiful Forth Worth for APEC to present our latest work on micro-inverters with integrated short-term storage.

Congratulations to Shahab for winning an award for the best presentation in the session!


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IECON 2013

I'm in Vienna for IECON 2013 to present some of our latest work on a GPS based algorithm for power-mix optimization in hybrid energy storage systems (u-cap/battery) for electric vehicles.\\
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ECCE-Europe 2013

I'm in Lilles with Victor for ECCE-Europe, where he will present some of our work on current-mode multi-port single-inductor dc-dc converters for low-power applications.

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Electric Vehicle at UofT

The Canadian made EV has found a new home at UofT:

More details.

Also features on wheels.ca.

A2B-700

APEC 2013

Shuze and I are in Long Beach at IEEE APEC 2013 to present our latest project on Visible Light Communication in white LED modules implemented with burst-mode control in an LLC resonant converter.
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Jordan and Matt are in Montreal for IECON2012 to present their research project on energy management in wireless sensor nodes using ultra capacitors.
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IEEE Spectrum Webinar: Power Electronics for Smart Grid

I am participating in the following IEEE spectrum webinar on power electronics for smart grid applications. My talk is focussed on high-power bi-directional dc-dc converter design and co-simulation for electric vehicles. Thanks to Mazhar, Andishe and Christo for preparing the material.

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Shuze is in Raleigh, USA, to present his work on LED drivers at the Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition.

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EPE-EMC ECCE-Europe Conference 2012

Shawkat and I are in Novi Sad, Serbia, to present our work on power management for concentrating PV systems at the Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference and Exposition.
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NI Week 2012

I'm giving an invited talk on power electronics for electric vehicles at Nantional Instruments Week (NI Week) 2012. Check out the Energy Summit talks

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Jordan and Matt take 3rd Place in the Texas Instruments Analog Design Competition

Congratulations to Jordan Varley and Matthew Martino, who received 3rd place out of 150 teams in the North American Engibous Design Summit Analog Design Competition. The award want handed out at the Texas Instruments headquarters in Dallas. Jordan and Matt designed a complete Wireless Sensor Node, with power management for a hybrid energy storage system, consisting of an ultra-capacitor and a Lithium Ion battery. The team's project also received the departmental Gordon Slemmon Award at UofT in 2012. The work will be presented at IECON 2012 in Montréal.

Past winners can be see here.

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CanSIA Solar Ontario

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I will be part of a panel discussion at the CanSIA Solar Ontario conference on tuesday May 15.
Breakout- : 3:45pm-4:45pm
Ensuring Long-term Success through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Forward thinking solar manufacturing and service companies understand that they must leverage the current domestic market opportunity and incentives to create a robust export market. This requires the sector to identify its strengths, predict market directions, find the matches between the two and respond with high value-added technologies, products and services to win these markets over.

Where is the global solar market evolving? What promising technologies and services are being developed in Ontario? How might the necessary innovation and entrepreneurship capacity be fostered? What supports are available (or required) to make this a reality? This session is a must see for companies interested in ensuring their competitiveness and growth in the medium to long term.

Bryan Koivisto
, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University
Olivier Trescases
, Assistant Professor, Energy Systems Group, University of Toronto
Nic Morgan
, VP Business Development, Morgan Solar Inc.
Jennifer Hiscock
, Science & Technology Advisor, CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada
Jan Dressel
, Title, Sparq Systems

Guest Lecture on Digital SMPS - April 3

Prof. Yan-Fei Liu, from Queen's University is visiting us and presenting a guest lecture on Digital SMPS.

Title:         Digital Control Technologies for Switching Power Converters
Date:         Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Time:        3 p.m.
Location: Bahen Centre for Information Technology, Room BA1200, UofT
here for slides

SSLNet Workshop Smart Sustainable Lighting

Please join us at the SSLNet yearly workshop on LED lighting. I will be giving a talk entitled "High Efficiency Power Electronics For Solid State Lighting: Challenges and Opportunities".

Date: Friday, March 16th, 2012
Time: 08:45 am to 05:00 pm
Venue: Medical Science Building Room3153, 1 King’s College Circle, Toronto

sslnet.ca

Guest Lecture on Smart Sub-Stations - March 1

Prof. Tarlochan S. Sidhu, FIEEE, from UOIT is visiting us and presenting a guest lecture on Nov. 22, 2011.

Title:         A Smart Substation - New Paradigm for Protection
Date:         Thursday, March 1, 2012
Time:        4 p.m.
Location: Galbraith Building, Room GB 120, UofT
here for slides

ICUE Talk at Ryerson - Feb. 27

I will be giving on talk entitled "Embedded Power Electronics for Next Generation Smart Photovoltaic Panels" at Centre for Urban Energy on Feb. 27 at 2-4pm, Heaslip House, 7th floor, 297 Victoria St, Toronto.

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APEC Conference 2012

We are headed to IEEE APEC in Orlando this week. Shahab's paper deals with high-granularity MPPT for embedded dc-dc converters in PV applications. Mazhar's paper is on a new tri-mode control strategy for achieving high-efficiency in bi-directional dc-dc converters for hybrid energy storage systems (u-cap + lithium battery) in EV applications.
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APEC Educational Seminar

I am offering a professional educational seminar with Henk Jan Bergveld from NXP and Asif Ansari from Morgan Solar on power management for photovoltaics at the 2012 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) on Feb. 6, 2012 in Orlando Florida. Read More...

Guest Lecture on PHEV - Nov. 22 2011

Claudio Canizares from the University of Waterloo is visiting us and presenting a guest lecture on Nov. 22, 2011.

Title:         Plug-in Electric Vehicle Impact on Ontario's Grid
Date:         Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011
Time:        4:30 p.m.
Location: Galbraith Building, Room GB 248, UofT
here for slides

STAO'11 Conference - Toronto

I'm at the STAO conference in Toronto to promote the teaching of renewable energy concepts in secondary schools using the newly developed UofT PV Starter Kit.

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IEEE Spectrum Webinar - UofT - NI - NREL

I am participating in a IEEE webinar with National Instruments and NREL.

Accelerating Development of Smart Grid Power Electronics Control Systems with RCP and HIL Techniques
The design and deployment of grid-tied power electronics control systems historically has been hampered by a lack of rapid prototyping, commercial off-the-shelf embedded systems and real-time HIL simulators that satisfy the demanding requirements of switch-mode power system designers. To address these challenges, National Instruments is involved in a collaborative R&D effort with the National Renewable Energy Lab and other groups to develop a comprehensive new tool chain for power electronics system design based on reconfigurable FPGAs and high level graphical programming tools. Attend this session to see live demonstrations of new hardware/software tools under development and information on how you can become pioneer user and collaborator in the effort.
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EMC - EV2011 in Toronto - Project EVE

Mazhar is joining the Project EVE team at the EV2011 conference presented by Electric Mobility Canada. Check out the A2B car with brand new EV drive-train.
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Energy Conversion Congress & Expo (ECCE 2011)

Mazhar, Shawkat, Omar and I are at ECCE2011 in Phoenix, Arizona to present two papers on 1) multi-variable H2 control for thermal management in dc-dc converters and 2) optimal power-flow control in hybrid energy storage systems (ucap+lithium-ion battery) for electric vehicles.
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Visit to NXP/High-Tech Campus

I'm at the high-tech campus Eindhoven, Holland, discussing industrial collaborations with NXP. I am also presenting a seminar entitled "Modern Mixed-Signal Control and Efficiency Optimization Techniques for DC-DC Converters".


Welcome to new students 2011

Welcome to Andishe Moshirvaziri and Shuze Zhao, who have joined the group as M.A.Sc. students in Sept. 2011. Congratulations to Shahab Poshtkouhi and Yue Wen for completing the M.A.Sc. and transitioning to the Ph.D. program.

International Conference on Power Electronics

I'm in Jeju, Korea presenting an invited paper on light-load efficiency optimization techniques for low-power dc-dc converters at the International Conference on Power Electronics (ICPE - aka. ECCE-Asia).

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Industry Short Course on Integrated SMPS Short Course

I am offering an industry short-course on integrated high frequency SMPS in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Audrey wins Andre Hamer NSERC Prize

Congratulations to Audrey Kertesz for winning the prestigious NSERC prize.


We are in Fort Worth USA to present our latest work on smps. Congratulations to Shahab and Pearl for winning the best presentation award for their technical session!
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PV Installation on the Roof of GB

We're very excited to have our new PV installation on the roof of the Galbraith building. This will provide a versatile platform for future research efforts. To our knowledge, this is one of the first installations in North America with roof-mounted trackers. Thanks to Maury, Peter and Mark from InPhasePower and Manuel Da Costa from UofT for handling the logistics for this unique installation.

Pasted Graphic 4pasted-graphic-3

ISCAS Photovoltaic Short Course

I will be presenting a one-day short course at IEEE ISCAS 2011 entitled “Photovoltaic Power: Emerging Trends, Circuits and Devices” on May 15 in Rio de Janeiro. Fulll details are here. Early registration ends Jan. 21.


C4 Sustainability Challenge

I will be a judge in this year's C4 sustainability challenge. Sounds interesting!

"Students from around Ontario, coming from backgrounds including engineering, business, science and the arts will compete to make the world a better place. With the support of the Ontario Power Authority and Just Energy, you will design a method to reduce energy consumption at home, build a prototype, and create the business plan for this idea all in one day. The prize, 800 dollars in cash."

The competition will be held at the Sandford Fleming Building in the University of Toronto, and a bus will bring students from Waterloo to Toronto on Saturday morning. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, create and compete!"

A2B comes to UofT

We were delighted to host a visit from the creator of the A2B electric car, Steve Dallas and other members from Project EVE.


Project EVE - Electric Mobility

We are excited to be a part of Project EVE. The press release is here. The new project web-site is here.

Visit from Prof. Sanders for Distinguished Lecture Series

We are very pleased to host a visit from Professor Seth Sanders from Berkeley. He will be giving a talk today on switched-capacitor approaches for on-chip voltage regulation.

International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip

I am giving a talk on gate-charge recycling for light load efficiency optimization in on-chip dc-dc converters at PwrSoC in Cork, Ireland. This is a unique gathering of the research community focused on monolithic switched-mode power supplies.

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Welcome to new MASc students 2011

Welcome to our new MASc students; Shawkat Zaman (BASc - UofT) and Mazhar Moshirvaziri (BASc - Sharif University)!

PV Short Course

I am giving a two-day short course on power electronics for PV applications in Penang Malaysia on Aug. 18


I am visiting CoPEC in Boulder for the IEEE COMPEL Conference where our group will present 3 papers on gate-charge recycling, EMI reduction with adaptive spread spectrum and SIDO modeling.

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Shahab is presenting his paper on Distributed MPPT at IEEE APEC in Sapporo, Japan.

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PV Seminar at Fuji Electric

I am offering a seminar on Power Electronics for Photovoltaic applications at Fuji Electric, Matsumoto, Japan

CMOSET - Whistler

I am chairing sessions at the CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop in Whistler, Canada.


Toronto Green Innovation Award

We have received a Green Innovation Award from the City of Toronto.

greeninnovationawardwinnersPasted Graphic 1

Joined CSE

Our group has joined the new Centre for Sustainable Energy at UofT: link


SMPS Course at Infineon

I am is offering a short course entitled "Switched Mode Power Supplies" to Engineers at Infineon Technologies in Villach, Austria


We are attending IEEE APEC 2010 in Palm Springs, USA.